Submission Guidelines

Basic Requirements

  • Papers must be 2000-6000 words in length, excluding bibliography and abstract
  • Papers should be attached to an email sent to The body of the email should contain your name, study institution, year of study and paper title. The subject must be: “FAO EDITORIAL ASSISTANT – SUBMISSION TO PHILONOUS” Please note NO identifying information should be present in the paper.
  • Papers should be carefully checked for spelling and grammar errors before submission.
  • The first page of the paper should consist of only the title of the paper and a brief abstract of up to 1000 words.
  • Papers should be submitted as one of these file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odf. We do not accept PDF files for editing reasons.


  • No double spacing or change from default setting in terms of either line or letter spacing.
  • Font must be in Calibri and be size 11.
  • Indents should either be 0.5 done through your word processor or not done at all. Do not use the tab key.
  • New paragraphs should be noted through only a single empty line. Indenting is optional as stated above.
  • Emphasis should be done with italics only, not bold.
  • You may use footnotes in order to add extra content to the essay. But you will have to include such footnotes in your word count.


  • All papers should be correctly referenced and include a bibliography. Do not seperate the bibliography into “works cited” and “additional reading” or any other such categories.
  • References should be done through footnotes in the format of APA Sixth Edition.
  • Bibliographies should be done in the same APA Sixth Edition format.


  • Use of images is allowed, but they must be in black and white and relevant to the content of the paper itself. All pertinent copyright rules which might apply to the image (requiring artist credit for instance) must be included in the submitted paper.

Additional Information

  • All papers are subject to review. This review process is double-blind with no identifying information of author or editor disclosed to anyone other than the Anonymization Editor who will ensure all personal data is kept confidential until a decision has been made regarding acceptance.
  • We will permit brief revision to be made prior to publication, based upon feedback from our editors, however regret we are not able to provide feedback on all submissions.
  • By submitting your paper for review, you give permission for us to publish your work should it be accepted. All rights remain with you as the author. However we would ask that if your paper is subsequently republished credit is given to PhilonoUS as the first publication.

If you have any other enquires please send them to