Issue 2, Vol.1 – Spring 2017

This is the online edition of the Spring 2017 journal.

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Do Zombies Listen to Music and, if so, Do They Like It?
Alexander Elliot
The University of Birmingham

Can Geometric Diminishing Value Theory Provide a Satisfactory Account of Population Value?
Emilia Watson
The University of St. Andrews

Evolution in Creativity: A Defence of Psychological Darwinism
Grace Field
The University of Toronto

Moore’s Rejection of Naturalism: An Open Question
Josefine Klingspor
The University of Toronto

In Defence of Causal Role Functions
Kane Baker
The University of Exeter

A Critical Engagement with Korsgaard’s “Aristotle’s Function Argument”
Victoria Skeie
The University of St. Andrews

Pitting Kant’s Theory of Self-Consciousness Against Humean Associationism
Daniel Cheong
Cornell University


Interview with Dr David Liggins
The University of Manchester

Interview with Dr Yonatan Shemmer
The University of Sheffield