Issue 2 – Autumn 2016

This is the online edition of the Autumn 2016 journal.

Please follow the links below to view individual articles.


Rawlsian Promises: A Defence of Instrumentalism About Promissory Obligation
Johnny Hugill
University of Cambridge

Indicative Conditionals: Truth Functional or Non-Truth Functional? An Analysis of the Or-If Inference
Jack Waites
The University of Sheffield

What is Democratic Labour in the Context of Higher Education?
Josh Berlyne
The University of Sheffield

Eating Animals the Only Way
Samuel Boardman
University of Manchester

The Giacometti Scenario: A Response to Levinson’s Argument from Context
Matthew Alexander Easterby
University of Leeds

Are Computer Games Works of Fiction?
James Dunstan
The University of Sheffield

Nature and Art: The Human Touch and Why it Matters
Lewis Channing
Cardiff University


Interview with Professor Elizabeth Barnes
The University of Virginia

Interview with Professor Eric Olson
University of Sheffield


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