Issue 1 – Spring 2016

This is the online edition of the Spring 2016 journal.

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Is Abstract Artefact Theory a Plausible Version of Realism about Fictional Characters?
Jack Waites
The University of Sheffield

Kant On The A-Priority of Space: A Critique
Arjun Sawhney
The University of Toronto

Does constitutionalism rule out mental supervenience?
Bertram Probyn
University of Sheffield

The Role for Imagination in Perception
James Brown
University of Lancaster

Hume’s Paradox of Taste
Tessa Standen
University of Cambridge

‘Contractualism, Consequentialism and the Moral Landscape: A New Pro-Contractualist Picture of Ethical Theory’
Bruno Russell
The University of Southhampton

Is it possible to give a philosophical definition of sexual desire?
William Morgan
University of Sheffield


Interview with Professor Jenny Saul – University of Sheffield

Interview with Professor Fiona Macpherson – University of Sheffield