Call for Papers! – PhilonoUS Spring Edition 2019

Calling all undergraduate philosophers!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the Spring 2019 edition of PhilonoUS! Philosophy students, from any department, at any level of undergraduate study, are invited to submit their work. We are looking for papers written on any area of philosophy, particularly if they argue for, or present, an original claim.

Submissions should be between 2000 and 6000 words in length and need to be emailed to the following address: with the subject reading “FAO EDITORIAL ASSISTANT – SUBMISSION TO PHILONOUS” and there must not be any identifying information present within the paper. A more extensive list of submission guidelines is available at the following link:

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 10 March 2019, at 5pm (GMT). If you have further questions concerning any aspect of the submission process, please feel to get in touch with us at the above email address.

We look forward, once again, to reading all your excellent work!


Progress Report and a Thankyou

With the final editing process for the journal underway, and its release imminent, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who took part in the University of Sheffield Philosophy Undergraduate Conference.

Over the two days we heard many fantastic presentations of interesting and innovative philosophical ideas from around the globe. We would especially like to thank the keynote speakers, Dr David Liggins and Dr Yonatan Shemmer for their support and presentations of their own research.

Within the next few weeks we should have finished the final drafts of the third volume of PhilonoUS. From then they will be available on sale from this website.

This will be the current Head Editors last edition of the journal. It was a pleasure to work with all of the department and PhilonoUS team. For all Sheffield students who may wish to get involved, look out for us in freshers week!

Head Editors – James Dunstan, Emma Shephard and Michael Chilton


University of Sheffield Philosophy Undergraduate Conference

For this edition, we’ve partnered with the annual University of Sheffield Philosophy Undergraduate Conference. The conference will contain presentations by undergraduates from around the globe, some of which are also soon to be published in the PhilonoUS journal.

This year we also have our very own Dr Yonaton Shemmer from the University of Sheffield giving a presentation as well as Dr David Liggins, a senior lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Manchester.

Full details and ticket information can be found at the University of Sheffield Box Office here.

We hope to see you all here!

PhilonoUS: Issue 1, Volume 2, Autumn Edition is now officially released

The head editors would like to thank University staff, our brilliant team of editors and every contributor to this edition of the journal. We had an excellent crop of papers this last editorial period and some hard decisions had to be and, but in the end we are proud of the papers we have chosen to be part of this edition.

Now however is the time to look forward to the forthcoming second edition of the journal and the Sheffield Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. For more information about it click here.

If you would like to buy a physical copy of the journal and help support future editions, please click here.

Call for Papers! Spring 2017 Edition

The Spring 2017 edition of PhilonoUS, the University of Sheffield’s Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy and the annual Sheffield Undergraduate Philosophy conference are now accepting submissions.

This year PhilonoUS: The Sheffield Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy and the Sheffield Undergraduate Philosophy Conference are teaming up so that authors need only submit once and will be considered for both the conference and journal unless they indicate otherwise within their email submission.

We welcome students from all philosophy departments, and we welcome submissions from students at all levels of study. The conference and journal are open to and aimed at all philosophy undergraduates, so please don’t think that only final year students are experienced enough to give a talk or submit a paper, that really isn’t the case. This year we will continue our tradition of awarding a prize to the best essay submitted.

The conference will take place on the 18th and 19th of March 2017 in the Humanities Research Institute on the University of Sheffield’s main campus. Papers should be no more than 6000 words in length, but can relate to any area of Philosophy. The deadline for submissions is Friday 27 January 2017, and submissions should be sent to . No identifying information should be present within the paper, but the body of your email should contain your name, contact email, University of study and year of study. If your paper is under review elsewhere we cannot consider you for the journal, but we would still love to consider you for the conference. Authors will be notified of decisions at least four weeks prior to the conference.

If your paper is selected for the conference you will be asked to give a talk and this can either be a shorter talk of 15-20 minutes or a longer one of 30 minutes. Please let us know your preference when submitting your paper/abstract. The talk will be followed by approximately 15 minutes of questions which will be an opportunity to explore your ideas further. Don’t be put off by the length of time you will be asked to speak, it really isn’t as daunting as it sounds and the event will be a friendly, encouraging and collaborative environment.

All further details regarding submissions, publication and purchasing a copy of the journal can be found in the sidebar. Of particular note are the specific submission requirements found here.

More information on the conference including updates on our keynote speakers can be found at

The deadline for submissions is the 27th of January


And so it begins…

A big thanks to everybody who has submitted their work the the journal. As of two days ago, the papers have been sent to our teams of editors who will be evaluating the various submissions.

They will be judging the papers on our marking criteria, and then standout papers will be evaluated further. This process shouldn’t take too long, as we’re getting quite good at this.

We will announce the papers which will be published in the paper in another post, so watch this space!

James Dunstan

Content Editor

Deadline Extension: 20th of August

The Head Editor Team here at PhilonoUS has decided to extend the deadline for essay submissions to the 20th of August.

We are also pleased to announce that our upcoming issue will include interviews with Professor Christine Korsgaard of Harvard University and our very own Professor Eric Olson of the University of Sheffield.

Remember, all submissions should be sent to with the subject line: FAO EDITORIAL ASSISTANT. Papers should be no more than 6000 words in length and can relate to any branch of philosophy.