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What you have to say matters. Your views matter. 

Your voice matters.

And how do you articulate your views, opinions, feelings and thoughts? 

Through your voice.

So we’re here to help you learn to use it and express what you want to say.

PhilonoUS helps writers improve their academic, written voice. 

Our mission is to help as many students as possible articulate their unique perspectives on the world, hone the way we use words, and get that voice heard.

Founded in 2016, PhilonoUS is the student-led undergraduate philosophy academic journal for The University of Sheffield. We’re listening: we want to hear what you have to say. And we want to help you to say it – whatever it is – better.

What do we do at “PhilonoUS”?

Twice a year, we publish an edition containing the best essays and insightful reviews of philosophical works of undergraduates. Our mission is to helping undergraduates improve their written philosophy and give them a platform to share their academic voice with the world. Any undergraduate student, from any university, at any level, is welcome to submit, or get involved!

Also, our organisational structure means that we provide valuable work experience opportunities in editing, publishing, customer services, web development, marketing, design, business management and entrepreneurship. These experiences boost employability and professional skills alongside their academic life.

Why are we called “PhilonoUS”?

If you don’t know how to pronounce it, you’re not alone!

Is it… Fill-oh-no? File-OH-noo? File-eh-nuss? Fill-oh-nuss?

The name ‘PhilonoUS’ (pronounced ˈfɪlənəs) is a word-play on the character from George Berkeley’s text “Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous”, where the ‘US’ stands for ‘University of Sheffield’. It’s a bit of a silly name. But… now we’re kind of stuck with it. Thanks, founders!

There are currently 3 editions awaiting publication:

The timelines below indicate the current stage in the publication process for each edition.

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