Call for Papers! – PhilonoUS Spring Edition 2019

Calling all undergraduate philosophers!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the Spring 2019 edition of PhilonoUS! Philosophy students, from any department, at any level of undergraduate study, are invited to submit their work. We are looking for papers written on any area of philosophy, particularly if they argue for, or present, an original claim.

Submissions should be between 2000 and 6000 words in length and need to be emailed to the following address: with the subject reading “FAO EDITORIAL ASSISTANT – SUBMISSION TO PHILONOUS” and there must not be any identifying information present within the paper. A more extensive list of submission guidelines is available at the following link:

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 10 March 2019, at 5pm (GMT). If you have further questions concerning any aspect of the submission process, please feel to get in touch with us at the above email address.

We look forward, once again, to reading all your excellent work!


Call for Papers – PhilonoUS Autumn Edition 2018

With the new academic year just on the horizon, once again we are accepting submissions for the autumn edition of PhilonoUS! Undergraduates from all departments, we invite you to submit your papers on whatever philosophical questions you’ve been grappling with lately.

As always, we ask that papers be 2000-6000 words in length and that they contain no identifying information about yourself, in order to keep the editorial process as anonymous as possible. Please send you papers to with the subject line “FAO EDITORIAL ASSISTANT – SUBMISSION TO PHILONOUS” – If you need any more information, have a read of our full submission guidelines here.

The current submission deadline for this forthcoming edition is 10th September 2018, so get your papers to us ASAP!

We look forward to reading all of your excellent work!



Buy Spring 2018!

Well well well – if it isn’t another edition of PhilonoUS!

We are as pleased as ever to announce a new edition of PhilonoUS is hot off the press and ready to purchase. This time around we have six more excellent undergraduate papers and insightful interviews with Dr Jack Woods and Robbie Morgan.

To purchase a copy – of this edition or previous ones! – please click here.

Autumn 2017 Copies Available!

Autumn 2017 Copies Available!


As we welcome new submissions for the upcoming edition, we are proud to announce that latest edition of PhilonoUS is ready to purchase! The Autumn 2017 edition features six fantastic undergraduate papers on a diverse range of topics and must-read interviews with Dr Holly Lawford-Smith and Dr Dominic Gregory.

To purchase a copy, new or old, please click here – as always, your support helps to keep us going, so thank you!

Call for Papers – PhilonoUS Spring Edition & Undergraduate Conference 2018!

Happy New Year to all!

We are delighted to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the Spring edition of PhilonoUS aaaand The University of Sheffield’s Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2018! Whatever your level of undergraduate study or area of interest, we’d love to hear from you.

Please indicate whether you would like your paper to be considered for the journal, conference or both. Your papers should be between 2000-6000 words with the deadline for submissions being Friday 9th February, 17:00 (GMT). All papers should be submitted to – more information regarding submission requirements can be found here

We look forward to hearing from you all!
P.S. For those waiting to purchase a copy of the Autumn 2017 edition of PhilonoUS, Santa had a bit too much sherry over Christmas which delayed his delivery! Copies should be available to purchase at the end of next week.

CFP – Deadline Extension

PhilonoUS will be extending the deadline for submissions until midnight 31st August!

We’ve had some quality papers so far, but wanted to give everyone a second chance to send in more of your great work. We welcome papers relating to any area of philosophy and love to read your ideas on the stuff that interests you.

Papers should be 2000-6000 words and submitted to – again, more information regarding submission requirements can be found here.


Issue 2, Vol.1 – Spring 2017 – Physical Release

They’ve arrived!

We are happy to announce that the latest edition of PhilonoUS (Spring 2017) is available for purchase in physical print. As ever, submissions were of an extremely high standard and all the papers featured are fascinating, enjoyable reads.

In addition to the 7 incredible papers by undergraduate students, this edition also features two wonderfully insightful interviews with Dr David Liggins and Dr Yonatan Shemmer.

But there’s more! We are also selling the previous edition of PhilonoUS (Autumn 2016) at a discounted price; it’s jam-packed full of more great papers and interviews with the esteemed Professor Elizabeth Barnes and Professor Eric Olson.

To purchase either copy, please click here – your support helps to keep us bringing you the very best undergraduate work from around the world!